The Role of Public Liability in a Forest School Insurance Policy

Forest schools offer a dynamic and immersive education experience deeply rooted in nature. However, with this unique learning environment comes a distinct set of risks and liability. From trips during nature walks to unforeseen environmental hazards, the necessity for an appropriate forest school insurance policy cannot be overstated.

Why a Public Liability Insurance Policy is a Must for Forest Schools

Public liability insurance is a fundamental aspect of a forest school insurance policy. It is designed to cover the insured’s legal liability for compensating others for personal injury or damage to their property. In the context of forest schools, this means protection against accidents and incidents that could occur during outdoor learning activities.

The nature of forest schools inherently involves risks – whether it’s a child tripping during a nature walk or accidental harm to the environment. Public liability insurance ensures that your school is prepared to handle such incidents, covering injuries or property damage costs. 

Additionally, this insurance can protect against accusations of negligence or regulatory breaches, safeguarding your reputation and financial stability.

Comprehensive Coverage: Beyond Public Liability in a Forest School Insurance Policy

While public liability insurance forms the cornerstone of forest school insurance, comprehensive coverage often requires more. Forest schools are all different, and the insurance you need will depend upon the activities you undertake and the scale of your organisation.

The scope of your insurance should align with your forest school’s activities. Factors like supervision ratios, the nature of activities, especially those at height, and overall risk management are critical in determining the coverage you need. Demonstrating robust health and safety protocols can also help reduce insurance premiums, particularly for high-risk activities.

Mann Broadbent can help guide you

The cost of forest school insurance varies based on the scale of the organisation, the activities undertaken, and the level of coverage required. It’s essential to have a tailored forest school insurance policy that comprehensively covers all aspects of your forest school’s operations.

Every forest school’s insurance needs are unique. To get a personalised quote and expert advice on public liability insurance for forest schools, contact the Mann Broadbent team to find the right cover for you.