Why do bike parks need Mountain Bike Insurance?

Mountain biking can be dangerous, but thankfully incidents are uncommon, and most people accept that risk comes with the sport…but claims do occur. There are also more mundane risks such as storm, flood and theft that can affect your ability to function as a business.

MTB Insurance is there to protect and defend you should something go wrong or the unexpected occur. Without mountain bike insurance you put yourself, your colleagues, your riders and your park at risk. In addition some kinds of insurance are compulsory by law.

What mountain bike insurance does a park need?
MTB parks & tracks can be very different but there are some key insurance covers they all need to consider:

In addition, the following activities might require specialist MTB insurance:

  • MTB instruction
  • MTB tours
  • Track / course design
  • Cycle repair / maintenance
  • Use of plant / machinery
  • Uplift or transport service
  • Overnight accommodation and camping
  • Events, races & festivals
  • Online booking & sales
  • Bike & equipment hire
  • Catering / restaurant / bar

How much does it cost to insure a Mountain Bike Track?

The cost will vary greatly between different tracks and the activities they provide. If you would like to discuss your particular needs then please give us a call on 01905 612336.

How to get a mountain bike insurance quote for you park or track. 

Mann Broadbent insure tracks across the UK and events worldwide. We have been specialists in sport & leisure insurance for over 60 years and are members of the Outdoor Industries Association. If you would like help insuring your park or track then give us a call on 01905 612336 or contact us.

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