Why do I need track insurance?

If you own or operate a cycle track, bike park or course you need insurance to protect you should a visitor, volunteer or employee make a claim for injury or damage. You might also want to insure the track, facilities, bikes and equipment against damage and theft. There are also other risks you might want to cover including management liability, cyber and vehicles.

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How much does track insurance cost?

The cost will be determined by a range of factors including visitor and employee numbers and the size of your operation.

What kinds of tracks need insurance?

We can provide cover for off-road trails, velodromes, pump tracks, downhill courses, bike parks and more, whether you cater for road bikes, gravel, mountain bikes, BMX or a combination. We can also cover you if you provide cycle hire, coaching and uplift services as well as additional facilities like shops and cafes.

Insurance for races & events

If you are holding bike races or cycling events we can assist you with a wide range of options even cover for things like extreme weather. We are happy to cover everything from kids’ events and sportives through to enduro and ultras.

Vehicle Insurance for Uplifts

If you provide an uplift or drop-off service normal motor insurance might not be adequate, talk to us about the specialist cover you may need.

Bike Hire and Rental Insurance

If you are renting or hiring our bikes, we can help cover your liabilities and equipment

Bike repairs & maintenance insurance

There can be some additional risks associated with cycle maintenance, talk to us about getting a quote.

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