Why does my table tennis club need insurance?

Insuring your table tennis club can provide cover if a player or member of the public is injured or if property is damaged or stolen. If you are renting facilities it could also be a requirement of the landlord.

The types of cover a table tennis club may need are determined by the size of the club, its set-up and its facilities. For example, a small swimming club may just need public liability insurance, while if the club has employees, owns equipment or has a clubhouse then they may also need insuring. If you are organising events or competitions, there are further policies, such as prize indemnity or cancellation, which we can advise you on.

A table tennis coach or instructor who is not part of a club may want to consider a specific coaches’ policy – take a look at our coaches page for more information, or just give us a call.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch