Changes to Package Travel Regulations: are you affected?

Package travel regulations have recently changed to make it easier for travellers to get compensation from organisers, in specific circumstances.

Doug Kaye, account executive, Mann Broadbent, commented: “These regulation changes will impact those who organise ‘package’ holidays, where there are two or more different types of travel services combined for the purpose of the same trip. For example, multi-day sporting events where overnight accommodation is provided, or adventure activity courses. In each aspect the organiser is held responsible for every part of the holiday or event, even if provided by a third party.”

The changes will ensure compensation to travellers on a number of bases:

  • If the trip does not meet advertised expectations,
  • If the traveller has an emergency and needs assistance,
  • If part of the trip is not supplied, or
  • If an organiser or supplier goes bust.

Doug continued: “The rules now mean that anyone organising a package must have either a bond, insurance, or put their customers’ money in a trust account. If flights are also being sold, then they must have ATOL protection.”

For more detail on the 2018 package travel regulations, click here (it will open in a new tab).

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