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MEMBERSHIPS AND AWARDS Our memberships and awards showcase our commitment to excellence

At Mann Broadbent, we are proud to be affiliated with leading organisations that reflect our commitment to excellence, security, and community engagement. Our memberships and awards represent our dedication to providing the highest standards of service and expertise in the insurance industry.

Memberships and Awards

OIA Outdoor Industries Association

The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) acts as a collective voice for the outdoor leisure industry in the UK, and Mann Broadbent is proud to be a member. The OIA focuses on leadership, advocacy, and promoting outdoor activities, representing over 200 member organisations providing outdoor products and services. This membership signifies our commitment to promoting and developing outdoor activities, a crucial sector for both health and recreation.

The OIA organises events like the Outdoor Trade Show and provides numerous networking opportunities, enhancing industry connections and collaboration. Additionally, the association is actively involved in high-profile campaigns and initiatives to get more people active outdoors, aligning with broad public health and wellbeing objectives.

Visit the Outdoor Industries Association website for more insights into their activities and how they support the outdoor industry.

Memberships and Awards

Running Industry Alliance

Mann Broadbent is a proud member of the Running Industry Alliance (RIA), a key trade organisation for the UK & Ireland’s running industry. RIA brings together manufacturers, retailers, event organisers, and other running-related entities to enhance the sport and business aspects of running through collective effort.

RIA organises events, such as annual conferences, trade shows, and networking events, to foster collaboration and share best practices among its members. One of the highlight events includes The Running Conference, which provides valuable insights and networking opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of the running industry.

Visit the Running Industry Alliance website for more information about its activities or to explore membership benefits.

Memberships and Awards

British Insurance Brokers’ Association

Mann Broadbent is a proud member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), the UK’s premier general insurance intermediary organisation. Representing a significant part of the insurance sector, BIBA membership ensures we are well-positioned to guide and support our customers through changing market conditions and legislative landscapes. BIBA brokers manage a substantial portion of the UK’s general and commercial insurance, making them pivotal in shaping industry standards.

Visit the BIBA website for more detailed insights into the British Insurance Brokers’ Association.

armed forces covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

We are committed to the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, a pledge to ensure that those who serve or have served in the armed forces and their families are treated fairly and respectfully. Supporting the Armed Forces community is fundamental to our ethos, recognising their sacrifices and providing them equal access to our services and employment opportunities.

Visit the Armed Forces Covenant website for more information on how it supports service members and their families and how you can get involved.

Memberships and Awards

Cyber Essentials Plus

Mann Broadbent holds a Cyber Essentials Plus certification, ensuring advanced cybersecurity measures are in place to protect company and client data. This certification involves a hands-on technical verification, reflecting a robust commitment to cybersecurity. By aligning with the Cyber Essentials Plus standards, we demonstrate rigorous security practices against common cyber threats, safeguarding all digital transactions and data exchanges.

Visit the National Cyber Security Centre website to learn how Cyber Essentials Plus protects organisations and the specific cybersecurity measures it mandates.

Memberships and Awards

IASME Consortium

Mann Broadbent is associated with the IASME Consortium, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive, affordable cybersecurity standards. IASME offers a range of certifications that signify adherence to rigorous data protection and risk management protocols, modelled as an accessible alternative to ISO 27001. This supports small to medium-sized enterprises in achieving robust cybersecurity in a scalable manner.

IASME is recognised for its work with the National Cyber Security Centre and is vital in delivering the Cyber Essentials scheme. It is crucial for organisations aiming to reduce cyber risk and secure government contracts. IASME’s certifications, such as Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance, provide organisations with frameworks to showcase their cybersecurity commitment.

Visit the IASME Consortium website for more details on how IASME leads in setting standards for cybersecurity and how their certifications benefit organisations.

Memberships and Awards

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

The Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce is crucial in fostering local business growth and connectivity across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, an organisation that Mann Broadbent is proud to be a member of. 

The Chamber of Commerce actively supports over 1,300 businesses across the two counties, providing a platform for networking, visibility, and community engagement. It is dedicated to influencing local and national policy to benefit its members, enhancing business capabilities through training, and promoting sustainable practices.

The organisation arranges various events and training sessions to facilitate business growth and provide valuable networking opportunities. Members benefit from increased visibility in the community through listing in the Chamber director, social media promotions, and local publications.

Visit the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce website for more information on how they support local businesses.

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