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Having specialised in leisure industry insurance for decades, we have the depth of experience and knowledge to help you with your insurance needs.

Our clients range from individuals to national governing bodies, amateurs & professionals – so we can help you too. Protect your business, employees and stock with specialist leisure insurance. We can assist adventure centres, leisure centres, swimming pools, soft play centres, sports halls, brown sign attractions and much more.

Activity Centres

Adventure and Outdoor Activity Centres

Liability insurance is a necessity; what else might you need to protect you and your business?Read more

Soft Play Centres

Injuries and accidents can happen but insurance can help protect you and your business. Read more

Sports Halls

Insurance is a must when you have a high visitor stream and heavily used facilities. Read more

Leisure Centres

Leisure Clubs, Centres and Associations

How to protect your clubs members, employees and facilities. Read more

Swimming Pools

What does comprehensive insurance cover for a swimming pool comprise? Read more

Coaches and Instructors

Let us advise you on the right insurance so you can focus on your job. Read more

Outdoor Activities

Bushcraft Insurance

Bushcraft insurance covers instructors, clubs and organisations carrying out bushcraft, forest and survival skills. Read more

D of E Insurance

We can help you obtain the insurance you need for your D of E training or expeditions. Read more

Forest School Insurance

Insurance for a forest school is important as it can protect your school and instructors. Read more

Paintball Centre Insurance

Shield your paintball centre from unexpected liabilities. Trust our experience to keep your business and players safe. Read more


Leisure and Activity Events

Events take a lot of time and energy – insurance is there for when that isn’t enough. Read more

Brown Sign Attractions

Brown Sign Attractions

Whether attracting thousands, hundreds or tens of visitors, we can help with your insurance needs. Read more

Coaches & Instructions

Coaches and Instructors

Let us advise you on the right insurance so you can focus on your job. Read more


Backpackers' Hostels, Bunkhouses & Bothies Insurance

Ensure your backpackers’ hostels, bunkhouses, and bothies are covered against all risks. Trust our expertise to keep your guests and property safe.Read more

Leisure Accommodation Insurance

Leisure accommodation insurance offers a comprehensive solution to protect hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, or holiday rental.Read more

Other Leisure

Scout and Guide Insurance

Your membership will give you some insurance automatically but it will not cover everything. Read more

Leisure Manufacturers & Retail

Leisure and Outdoor Retailers and Wholesalers

Protect your business, your employees and your stock. Read more

Leisure and Outdoor Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturing brings its own challenges but getting the right cover doesn’t have to be difficult. Read more

Can’t find the leisure insurance cover you’re looking for?

Give our team a call on 01905 612336 and talk to us about your business insurance requirements and see how we can help you. 

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