Do I need sports hall insurance?

Sports Hall Insurance is there to protect you and your business should a user or employee suffer an injury, or if your property is damaged. In many cases, users, licensing authorities, and governing bodies may insist upon sports hall insurance – not just for their protection, but also for yours.

We design our policies specifically for the leisure industry. We work with you to understand your needs and tailor sports hall insurance, or other leisure insurance policies to suit you.

No two sports halls are the same, so you will need sports hall insurance coverage that specifically tailors to your needs. We recommend having a good idea about how broad you want your sports hall insurance coverage to be. The right thing to do is always to ensure your own protection, as well as the users of your sports hall in the event of something going wrong. Conveying your own legal and financial safety and liability is a good look, especially in the event that something goes wrong.

Here are some other insurance policies you might want to consider alongside sports hall insurance:

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