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How to protect your sport, dance or leisure club from flooding

The sudden onset of flooding can wreak havoc on your sports, dance or leisure club posing a significant threat. In the UK alone, more than 5 million properties face the risk of flooding, underscoring the importance of preparation for club owners. At Mann Broadbent, our expertise in flood insurance empowers you to navigate flood risk assessments, preparation strategies, and recovery plans, ensuring resilience in the face of adversity.

Understanding your flood risks.

Flooding can manifest in various forms, triggered by events ranging from intense rainfall causing flash floods to coastal flooding resulting from storm surges. Recognising the diverse types of flooding and their distinct characteristics is crucial, as each demands a tailored response.

Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring weather conditions and heeding warnings. The UK’s Met Office, through its National Severe Weather Warning Service, provides colour-coded advisories (Green, Yellow, Amber, Red) based on the likelihood and impact of severe weather events. Remaining informed through local forecasts and Met Office alerts is a proactive strategy for preparing against potential flooding.

Preparation is your best defence.

The first step in creating a comprehensive plan is understanding the risk to your sports, dance or leisure club. Access flood maps from relevant agencies such as the Environment Agency, SEPA, or Northern Ireland’s Rivers Agency to assess your flood risk. Sign up for flood warnings, register for advance notices, and formulate a personal flood plan, complete with a flood kit containing essential items.

Mitigating damage is reliant on property preparation so it is important to consider elevating critical systems, safeguarding valuables, and implementing flood prevention measures like check valves. Refer to our Flood Toolkit for a comprehensive list of proactive flood measures.

Devote time to crafting an emergency plan, establishing communication channels with family members or employees, and designating a safe meeting point. Inevitably, securing flood insurance is imperative to ensure comprehensive coverage for sport, dance and leisure club in the event of flood damage.

Safety protocols during a flood.

Stay abreast of developments by tuning into local radio or television for updates during a flood, and be ready to relocate to higher ground if flash flooding is anticipated. Allow sufficient time to shut off utilities, disconnecting gas, electricity, and water supplies when necessary. Steer clear of walking or driving through floodwaters due to the unknown hazards beneath the surface. Adhere to evacuation instructions from emergency services if prompted.

Post-flood procedures.

Once authorities confirm that it is safe to return to your club you should contact your insurer promptly, and document and photograph the damage to substantiate your claim. Commence cleanup efforts by disinfecting and cleaning the property in adherence to health and safety guidelines. A structural assessment may also be necessary to ensure building safety before re-entering for sports club and review insurance documents, checking for flood coverage and business interruption policies.

In the face of climate change and its impact on the UK, flooding poses a significant risk. However, with thorough preparation and proactive measures, you can safeguard your sports, dance and leisure club. Understanding flood risks, staying informed, and having a well-structured plan are essential components for weathering the storm and recovering effectively. Download our FREE flooding toolkit today by clicking HERE  or contact our Mann Broadbent team by calling 01905 612336.