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CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE Robust defence against digital threats and breaches

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Why Cyber Liability Insurance is Crucial for Sports and Leisure

In today’s world, practically every sports and leisure club leans heavily on technology and data to manage membership details and customer data, yet this interconnectedness leaves us vulnerable. Traditional insurance might protect electronic equipment against fire, flood or theft, but it falls short when your systems are breached or data is lost. That’s where Cyber Liability Insurance comes into play.

It’s always recommended to prioritise prevention. For sports and leisure clubs, this means safeguarding sensitive membership data, advocating for robust cyber security, comprehensive staff training, and accreditations such as the Cyber Essentials certification. Yet, when things go awry, like in other areas of your business, insurance should mitigate costs and disruption. That’s why cyber & data liability insurance is gaining traction as the fastest-growing class of insurance.

A good Cyber Liability Insurance policy, or as some call it, Data Liability Insurance, will cover the costs of both your own losses and third-party losses for which you might be held responsible. It will also cover accidental incidents and deliberate breaches, irrespective of whether your staff or external elements cause them.

A Cyber Liability Insurance policy for sports and leisure will cover:

  • Costs related to your own losses, especially concerning compromised membership details.
  • Third-party losses where members or customers might hold you responsible.
  • Accidental data mishandling or deliberate breaches, no matter the source.

What sets a good Cyber Risk Liability Insurance coverage apart from the rest is that it does more than just offer you a cheque in the event of an incident; it provides a comprehensive crisis management service along these lines:

  • You experience a cyber or data incident
  • You contact your Cyber Liability Insurance provider who launches its crisis management procedure
  • Technical & forensic specialists are provided to pinpoint the problem, stop the problem, and restore systems & data
  • Legal experts are appointed to ensure you respond in a compliant manner and act for you in any legal or regulatory disputes.
  • Public Relations consultants act to minimise reputational damage and handle correspondence with your contacts, notifying them of the situation.
  • Fines & penalties paid
  • Defence costs & damages paid

Securing a Cyber Liability Insurance policy can fortify your business against the rising tide of cyber threats and ensure that your operations continue functioning smoothly and effectively, even in the face of adversity.

Ensuring Cyber Resilience with Cyber Liability Insurance

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, cyber threats for sports and leisure clubs have become more sophisticated, posing significant risks to businesses of all sizes. The consequences of data breaches extend beyond immediate financial loss, including long-term reputational damage and regulatory penalties. Cyber Liability Insurance has become a necessity rather than an optional extra.

At Mann Broadbent, we understand the complex cyber landscape and the diverse threats your sports and leisure club may face. Our Cyber Liability Insurance policies offer robust protection and proactive crisis management, safeguarding your business and its reputation. We strongly advocate for comprehensive security measures coupled with the right insurance policy. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Why Choose Mann Broadbent for your Sports and Leisure Cyber Liability Insurance?

We understand that each business is unique, so we provide tailored Cyber Liability Insurance coverage that suits your needs. Here’s why choosing us for your Cyber & Data Liability Insurance makes sense:

Personalised Coverage: We take the time to understand the nuances of your business and craft a Cyber Liability Insurance policy that covers all your needs. We consider all aspects, from your operational specifics to industry demands, ensuring you have the protection you need.
Expertise: Our vast knowledge and years of experience in cyber and data liability insurance allow us to give you the best possible advice and guide you in making the most informed decisions.

Comprehensive Protection: Our Cyber Risk Liability Insurance policies are comprehensive. We ensure you’re covered, whether the incident is an accidental data loss or a deliberate cyber-attack. We cover both your losses and potential third-party claims.
Responsive Crisis Management: Our Cyber Liability Insurance policy includes a swift and effective crisis management procedure, meaning you’ll never face a cyber crisis alone. We provide access to a team of experts who will work to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently, minimising the impact on your business.
Ongoing Support: We don’t just disappear after selling you a policy. Our team is always on hand to answer any queries about your Cyber Liability Insurance coverage, ensuring you fully understand your policy and can utilise it effectively.

Choosing Sutcliffe Insurance for your Cyber Liability Insurance means choosing a reliable partner to stand with you in the face of cyber threats, helping you safeguard your sports and leisure club and its future.

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What insurance do I need to consider?

Every club, organisation, and race is unique, so no ‘one size fits all’ insurance plan or solution exists. Aside from cyber liability insurance, there are some other recommended insurance options for your club, such as:

Public Liability

To cover the insured’s legal liability to compensate others for personal injury or damage to their property. Find out more

Personal Accident

Cover that pays a benefit in the event of an insured person’s death, injury or illness. Find out more

Cyber Insurance

Protect your systems, membership details and customer data against cyber threats and breaches. Find out more

Legal Expenses

Provides legal services and covers costs to defend or pursue certain legal actions. Find out more

Kit & equipment

A specialist kit and equipment insurance designed for the sports, dance and leisure industry. Find out more

Employers Liability

Cover should an employee suffer a work-related injury or disease, whether full time, part time or volunteer. Find out more

Event Cancellation

Compensate for any financial loss following cancellation, disruption, postponement or relocation. Find out more

Sports travel insurance

Cover for sports individuals including whilst competing with option to cover winter sports. Find out more

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