Why does my cricket club need insurance?

Cricket club insurance can provide protection should a player or member of the public be injured or if property is damaged, destroyed or stolen and can even protect the club, its committee and its members if they are faced with legal claims or prosecutions.

Cost for cricket insurance depends upon what type you need. However, if you are part of a league, county or governing body we can drastically cut costs by providing a policy that covers the entire organisation, making the cost per team significantly cheaper.

What insurance is usually included in a basic policy for a cricket club?

Larger clubs may also want to consider the following types of insurance:

We can also help you with cricket team insurance, cricket pavilion insurance, tours, travel, events, tournaments and most other insurance-related enquiries.

If you are a coach within a club you will normally be covered by your club policy. If you coach elsewhere from your club or as a business we can also help you with a specific coaching policy.

Every cricket club is unique and we can advise what insurance you do, and do not, need