Travel insurance for sports teams and clubs

If your team or club is travelling for a tour or competition you need to ensure you have travel insurance that will cover you for medical emergencies, repatriation, cancellation, disruption, lost baggage, etc.

A normal holiday insurance policy will usually exclude cover for most sports and activities, especially if they are the main purpose of your trip. Our sports travel + policy is specifically designed to cover teams, clubs, groups and individuals who need travel insurance that also covers them to participate in their sport.

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Without the correct cover you could find yourself stranded abroad and facing huge medical or legal bills. When people say “what goes on tour stays on tour” they don’t mean leaving their mates behind because they didn’t have the correct insurance.

Our policy can cover sports such as rugby, lacrosse, obstacle course racing and other sports that are normally considered high risk by other insurers. We also provide cover for covid should you fall ill abroad or you can’t travel because you catch covid.

Mann Broadbent has been insuring teams, clubs, governing bodies and event organisers for over 60 years. If you need cover for your sports tour or competition click here for a quote.