Insuring your sports travel needs

Mann Broadbent has teamed up with Jackson Lee Underwriting to provide you with a quick and easy way to obtain a quote and purchase sports travel insurance and holiday travel insurance online. There are two types of policy available:

  • Sports Travel + Insurance – provides cover for sports individuals, including whilst competing and gives the option to cover winter sports; both are often excluded from a standard travel policy.
  • Holiday Travel Insurance – provides cover for those unexpected events that could occur before a holiday, whilst travelling, or whilst on holiday e.g. cancelling or cutting short a holiday or needing medical treatment.
Obtain a quotation and purchase online for Sports Travel + Insurance or Holiday Travel Insurance by using the links below.
Sports Travel Insurance Holiday Travel Insurance

For both types of policy, you can choose to purchase a single trip policy to cover one trip only or an annual multi-trip policy to cover several individual trips.

Sports travel insurance, new product from Mann Broadbent


COVID-19 cover included as standard

  • Cancellation if the insured, member of the household, travelling companion or friend they are staying with are diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days prior to the departure date.
  • Curtailment due to the death of a close relative.
  • Medical Expenses, including additional accommodation costs (room only) and repatriation back to the UK.
  • Room confinement benefit of £30 per day up to £300 per Insured.


Optional enhanced Covid-19 cover for vaccinated individuals

  • Cover for travel within Europe to destinations where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advice against all but essential travel solely due to assessment of Covid-19 risk.
  • Cancellation cover if contacted by UK Test & Trace and told to self-isolate and this prevents the insured from starting their trip.

Please read before you obtain a quote through the Sports Travel + Policy

There are 4 categories to choose from at the quotation stage, these are:

Category 0 – low-risk activities including Cricket, Surfing and Via Ferrata

Category 1 – medium risk activities including Ironman, Lacrosse and Road / Track competitive cycling

Category 2 – high-risk activities including Amateur Rugby, Marathon des Sables and Polo

Category 3 – extreme risk activities including Kayaking on grade 4/5 water, Mountain Bike competitions and competitive Power Boating

To be covered for winter sports it is important to select the ‘Winter Sports Extension’ when obtaining a quote under the Sports Travel + Product. To be fully covered for your chosen activity it is important to select the desired ‘Category Level’ when obtaining a quote. Please contact us if you are not sure.

Obtain a quotation and purchase online for Sports Travel + Insurance or Holiday Travel Insurance by using the links below.
Sports Travel + Insurance Holiday Travel Insurance

Sports travel insurance and holiday travel insurance products are facilitated by a third party website. Quotations offered by an external website are on a non-advised basis and their terms and conditions of sale should be checked and agreed to before proceeding to purchase cover and to ensure the product meets your needs. Please note: when you select Get a Quote you will be taken to a third-party website.

Referrals and quotations that fall outside the above criteria

If you are involved in activities that fall within the referral criteria or you would like a bespoke quote as an event organiser you should email with the following information:

  1. Full name & contact details
  2. Activities you require cover for.
  3. Experience you have in relation to the activities you require cover for.
  4. Type of policy you require (annual/single trip).
  5. If you have had to make a claim in the last three years.

You may also need to refer to us if :

  • You exceed the upper age limit of 65.
  • A single trip will exceed the maximum of 60 days for an Annual multi-trip policy.

Insurers may be able to provide cover, subject to referral, please speak to the Mann Broadbent Team for a bespoke quote on 01905 612336.

Reasons to use Jackson Lee Underwriting

  • Specialists in Travel Insurance.
  • Appointed by BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association) as their approved scheme provider for Holiday and Sports Travel Insurance.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you require Travel Insurance and you or any person covered under the same policy has a pre-existing medical condition you must carefully read and be able to comply with the Medical Declaration. If you cannot comply with the medical declaration you can discuss your situation with the medical referral helpline who may be able to agree to cover and may charge an additional premium. This may include pre-existing medical conditions relating to close family members or business partners who could be a reason for your trip to be disrupted.

The declaration will also give you advice on what to do if medical conditions pose a barrier or significant cost. Please visit the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS)  Travel Insurance Directory –  they cannot provide quotes but can direct you to regulated firms that have been selected for their specialism in being able to assist individuals with more serious medical conditions. Travel Insurance Directory