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Are you ready to organise an Ultra Race?

With an ultra race event now running almost every weekend in Britain (Telegraph, 2017), it is important that ultra race organisers are ready to organise their event and choose the right ultra race insurance that suits their insurance requirements.

Why Ultra Race Insurance?

Ultra marathons are races that go beyond than the typical marathon distance of 26.2 miles and are becoming increasingly popular especially in the UK. Known for being one of the most physically challenging races available and often lasting multiple days, issues such as sleep deprivation, injury and exhaustion are common. Subsequently, it is essential that, as an ultra race organiser, you have sufficient Ultra Race Insurance in place to protect both yourself and your participants.

Available Levels of Cover for Ultra Race Insurance

The precise cover needed depends on your specific insurance requirements as well the level of cover you select. Typically, Ultra Race Insurance will cover you against legal claims and liabilities (public and employers’) as well as any costs resulting from the cancellation of the event.

Things to Consider with Ultra Race Insurance

Before fully committing to the purchase of any kind of insurance cover, it is essential that careful consideration is given to both the insurance supplier and policy. Terms and conditions should also be scrutinised in order to ensure that the policy is fit for purpose and provides adequate protection.

The Benefits of Ultra Race Insurance with Mann Broadbent

We have over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry helping thousands of different companies with their insurance needs. Our highly experienced team of specialist brokers can help you find the right Ultra Race Insurance for your event and can also assist with the logistical side of the event planning process. As fully independent specialist insurance brokers, we also have access to exclusive schemes, expert underwriters and competitive premiums.

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