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Why Ultra Race Insurance is Ultra Important

With the number of ultra race marathons increasing by 1,000% over the last decade (The Guardian, 2018), and the intense nature of the sport, there are a larger number of potential risks that ultra race event organisers must consider and protect against in order to ensure that their ultra race event is sufficiently covered.

Ultra Race Risks

Due to ultra races being much longer than the traditional marathon and varying from 35 miles to 100 miles, the possible risks and complications surrounding the event are much greater. With many ultra race events also continuing throughout the night, the risk of trips and subsequent injuries are increased. When you also add sleep deprivation, dehydration and gastrointestinal distress into the mix, avoiding issues of any kind just seems impossible. As well as an increased likelihood of participant claims against injury or ill health, there are also risks surrounding bad weather and the possible cancellation of the event. With all of this in mind, the need for high-quality cover in the form of Ultra Race Insurance is imperative.

What Is Usually Included in Ultra Race Insurance?

A basic policy for Ultra Race Insurance should typically include:

Public liability
Event cancellation
Employer’s liability (inc. volunteers)

However, we would always advise giving careful consideration to the terms and conditions of any policy in order to ensure that it will provide adequate protection for your needs and ultra race event.

Ultra Race Insurance with Mann Broadbent

Regardless of the specific nature of your ultra race event, here at Mann Broadbent, we can arrange insurance that will protect you, your event and your participants. As fully independent insurance brokers, our experienced team of brokers can provide specialist cover that is bespoke to your needs using expert underwriters and competitive premiums.

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/apr/02/ultrarunner-ultramarathon-racing-100-miles

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