Monthly Archives: September 2020

High Court Rules on Coronavirus Insurance claims

Yesterday, 15 September, the High Court gave its judgement on a legal test case examining whether certain business interruption insurance policies did, or did not, cover Coronavirus claims. The court case arose because, when the pandemic hit, about 10% of business insurance policies were found to have ambiguous wordings. This made it unclear whether policyholders […]

Car insurance for sports professionals, media and entertainment

Most car insurance companies will not cover sports professionals or people from the media or entertainment industries. At Mann Broadbent we have been providing insurance to the Sports & Leisure sector for over 50 years and are often asked to help with private car quotes. We can insure ordinary vehicles as well as: High value […]

Why are insurance premiums going up for sport & leisure? And how can you keep your premiums down?

For almost 20 years insurance premiums in the sport & leisure sectors have been stable or even getting cheaper. However, in recent months the market has hardened to the extent that some policyholders are seeing their premiums double, treble or even almost impossible to obtain cover. So why are insurance premiums increasing in the sport […]