insurance cover for our Scout Group

Do we need specialist insurance cover for our Scout Group?

Scout Groups and all their members are provided with insurance from the Scout Association for Personal Accident, Public Liability (including property owners’ and product liability) and Trustees Indemnity. These are all provided through the Scouting annual membership subscriptions.

We all know how active Scout Groups love to be and are always organising some wonderful expeditions, trips and activities. Many Scout groups also have their own buildings, equipment, water craft and vehicles. All of these will need additional insurance that the group is required to organise themselves.

The Scouts’ rules state that every Scout Group must maintain adequate insurance cover, to be reviewed annually. We look at what that means for your Scout Group.

What additional cover needs to consider?

There will be certain things that are not covered by the Scouts’ insurance policy and you will need to find additional insurance independently.

Additional insurance will be required if you own property, equipment, vehicles and boats – fire, theft or other loss or damage could be financially devastating without insurance. Authorised Scout visits abroad may also need to be insured. You may also need to arrange cancellation cover for any large events that you organise.

What about travel insurance?

If you plan to take your Scout Group away normal holiday or travel insurance may not provide the appropriate cover, especially of you are participating in adventurous activities. You will need to check that the travel insurance does not exclude the sports or activities you have planned.

Risk Assessments

Conducting regular risk assessments is important for running successful Scout Groups and activities. A thorough risk assessment can help to mitigate accidents or property damage, but you still need to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage in the event of an accident, damage, theft or property loss.

A specialist insurance provider can help you to develop risk assessments and know what to look out for to minimise risk to people and property.

The equipment and resources that you build up throughout the lifetime of a Scouting Group are important not only to the continued success of the group but also mean a great deal to its members. Suffering a loss, breakage or theft can mean that you will no longer be able to offer what is unique about your group.  Having the correct insurance will cover you in the event of accidents, loss or breakages, which means you will be able to mend or replace your assets.

Seeking out additional specialist insurance cover for your Scout Group is not only a requirement by the Scout Association but also fundamental to looking after your equipment, buildings and members.

For further information about insurance for your Scout Group, please call the Mann Broadbent team on 01905 612336 or alternatively email