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Fishing for good mental health

Fishing could help to ease severe mental health and combat issues such as self-harming, anxiety and even attempted suicide, according to a recent study of UK adults by Anglia Ruskin University, Angling Direct plc and Tackling Minds.

The study surveyed 1,900 adults online and was a combination of those who fished compared to those who didn’t. As a part of the survey, respondents were asked if they suffered from an anxiety disorder, had attempted suicide, or engaged in deliberate self-harm.

It was found that recreational fishers were less likely to report any of the above compared to those who did not fish with 16.5% of anglers stating they suffered from an anxiety disorder compared to 26.4% who did not fish. Of those who had attempted suicide, 7.5% fished compared with 13.2% who did not and those who stated that they engaged in deliberate self-harm 10.4% were fishers versus 20.6% of those who did not.

The findings are significant, in fact in 2021 the charity, Tackling Minds a trusted provider of angling events within the UK and offering support to people from all walks of life that are struggling with a range of issues, was successful in its campaign for angling to be recognised as an official social prescribing activity on the NHS, thanks to its many mental health and well-being benefits.

Recreational fishing is very popular in the UK, with around 2 million taking part in the activity in 2019. There are also several TV shows that are dedicated to fishing, a recently popular series saw Mortimer and Whitehouse – Gone Fishing, where after heart surgeries the angling duo embarked on a relaxing journey around Britain, enjoying stunning scenery and of course, fishing. Proving once again, the benefits of fishing on our health and well-being.

Fishing is an accessible outdoor pastime for many people and with it being so beneficial to mental health and wellbeing it is no surprise that it is a growing sport. To get involved in fishing or to get back into fishing, there are many angling clubs that you can join. They can give you access to Stillwater’s and rivers that you might otherwise not be able to enjoy. Angling clubs are generally open to members of all ages and are a good way to get to know other people interested in fishing. As part of a club, you will have access to experienced fishers who will be only too happy to offer advice for a successful catch. You also generally have the freedom to fish at any time of day or night, depending on your club rules, which you must adhere to. Being a member of an Angling Club also gives you a greater opportunity to be coached as well as to participate in events and competitions.

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