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Nature’s the best medicine for wellbeing

Mother nature has been known for a long time to be great for wellbeing, fitness and mental health but now it’s being officially prescribed by GP’s in a new project after successful trials in Scotland.

A recent article by Country Living Magazine explains the project by the RSPB in collaboration with the Peak District National Park Authority, follows a successful pilot project in Scotland. Research conducted during the original trial found that 74% of patients benefited from the nature prescription, while 87% said they would continue to use the countryside to support their health and wellbeing.

With the new initiative being rolled out across the UK, we look at the benefits of getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature:

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

One of the ultimate benefits of nature’s medicine is that you can step out your front door and embrace the outdoors anytime. Whether it’s taking the long scenic way on the school run through the park or cycling to work, its quick and easy to fit in your healthy dose of nature.

No nasty side effects

Many GP prescribed drugs have potential side effects. Nature has all the mood boosting benefits of modern medicine without having to combat the negative aspects.

Let’s get social

Whilst reconnecting with nature, why not take a friend along with you? Super boost your mental health by spending time with a friend and sharing your problems, relieving anxiety and stress too. Making memories with your family on country walks can also help benefit the whole family. Is it time to get a dog?

Cost effective medicine

With the cost-of-living crisis, paying for prescriptions is another added cost. What better way to support your wellbeing than with natures medicine which is totally free of charge. Walking and running clubs can sometimes have a small joining fee but the social advantages they bring help keep you motivated and achieve fitness goals. Park Run is an excellent example about how the running community comes together, bonded by their passion for the outdoors and totally free too!

Of course a prescription of nature should never be seen as a replacement for modern medicine, and you should always get professional guidance before embarking on a new fitness regime.

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