Doug Kaye on a SUP

What insurance does a SUP instructor or guide need?

Many stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) instructors and guides got back to work when lockdown started easing a few weeks ago. Now business will really start to ramp up, with the summer holidays inbound and lockdown restrictions easing significantly more.

Doug Kaye, account executive, Mann Broadbent, agrees: “SUP is the ideal activity for getting outside, seeing new places, having new adventures, and all while easily socially distanced. So it ticks a lot of boxes for holidaymakers and weekend-breakers! However, whether you’re teaching new students or taking an experienced group out on the water, as a SUP instructor or guide, you need to make sure you have the right insurance.

“We’ve already spoken with a number of SUP coaches who are restarting their business, finding out that it’s not simply a case of getting some third party public liability cover and they’re good to go.”

So what sort of insurance should you look for?

  • Public liability: a necessity
  • Professional indemnity: a client could say the way you taught them caused an injury and try to claim against you, this will help you handle that claim
  • Kit & equipment: protect against damage to your kit and get it replaced/repaired quickly so your business isn’t affected by not having enough SUPs to fulfil your bookings
  • Personal accident: if you get injured and can’t work, what does that mean for your income?
  • Employer’s liability: even if you have a team of volunteers, it is necessary to have this cover
  • Business interruption: although unlikely to have cover for another pandemic included, it will help if your boards are caught in a fire and you have no way of functioning.

“Your best bet is to speak to your insurance broker to help you get a good understanding of what cover your SUP business needs – not everyone needs exactly the same types or level of cover. For example, what is good for an independent SUP instructor won’t be sufficient for a SUP company taking out a variety of groups around the country,” added Doug.

If you need help getting your SUP business back out onto the water without the insurance aspect turning into a headache, give our team a call on 01905 612336 or contact us.