cricket club insurance

Howzat for cover?

Your cricket club’s 2020 season has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus and lockdown. With lockdown easing, and clubs now able to at least offer practice nets, it’s time to check your insurance. 

One thing that might be at the bottom of the pile, but is essential, is your club’s insurance. We understand it is very easy to just click ‘renew’ but when was the last time you reviewed your club’s insurance? Are you getting best value for money? Do you have the right cover? Do you need comparative quotes to show your committee?

What insurance does a cricket club need?

We know that no two cricket clubs are the same so what you need will be different. Whether a small club needing ‘the basics’ or a larger club with more considerations, the types of cover could include:

If you are a coach within a club, you will normally be covered by your club’s policy. However, if you coach elsewhere or as a business then we can also help you with a specific coaching policy. Bear in mind that if you are offering coaching online, whether tips on stretching or keeping fit, then you will still need some cover to protect you and your coaching business.

Additionally, if you have insurance for your club, but also plan to run a mid-week league under a different name, then did you know your insurance may not be valid for that?

Doug Kaye, account executive, Mann Broadbent, commented: “We don’t profess to know how to coach winning cricket teams, but we do know how to take a lot of the worry away that comes with running a cricket club. For example, what happens if the clubhouse is wrecked by the weather, or vandals? What will you do if your kit gets damaged or stolen? What if a coach or player gets injured? All worrying scenarios, and all things we can help through tailored insurance.

“We’ve been specialising in sports insurance since the company was set up by a first class cricket umpire in 1961, so we know what we’re talking about!”