What is Trustees & Committee Members insurance?

Trustees & Committee Members Liability Insurance is designed to indemnify trustees and committee members from claims against them personally for failing in their duties in the running of an organisation. This can include unpaid and volunteer trustees.

We would recommend cover for charities, clubs, associations, community interest companies and pension funds.

In the eyes of the law trustees and committee members have huge responsibilities. Individuals are especially vulnerable if the organisation is registered with Companies House because, under the 2006 Companies Act, you are exposed to over 200 areas of statutory liability. This means you could face unlimited personal liability for your actions and decisions on behalf of the organisation. Cover can be extended to include all individuals in management positions, employment practices and entity cover.

Accusations you could face can include:

  • Breaches of health & safety regulations
  • Using money outside your organisation’s scope
  • Not acting in your organisation’s best interests
  • Libel & slander
  • Discrimination or harassment
We understand everyone's insurance requirements are different & can advise on what you do, and do not, need