Why do I need bike track insurance?

If you own or operate a cycle track, bike park or course, then you need bike track insurance to protect you should a visitor, volunteer or employee make a claim for injury or damage. You might also want to insure the track, facilities, bikes and equipment against damage and theft. There are also other risks you might want to cover including management liability, cyber and vehicles.

Here are some key reasons why bike track insurance might be necessary:

Protection against accidents and injuries

One of the most important reasons for having bike track insurance is that it can provide financial protection in the event of an accident or injury. This is particularly important for tracks that host high-speed events, as even a small mistake can result in serious injuries. Bike track insurance can help to cover the cost of medical expenses, as well as any legal fees or damages that may be awarded as a result of a lawsuit.

Protection against property damage

Cycle tracks often have expensive equipment. If this equipment is damaged or destroyed, it can be costly to replace. Bike track insurance can help to cover the cost of repairs or replacements, which can help to minimise the financial impact of an accident or incident.

Liability Protection

This is particularly important for tracks that host events open to the public, as there is always the risk that someone may be injured or suffer property damage while at the track. Bike track insurance can help to cover the cost of legal fees and damages that may be awarded as a result of a lawsuit, which can help to protect against financial ruin.

Protection against other risks

In addition to the above reasons, bike, or cycle track insurance, can protect against other risks such as natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. This can help minimise the financial impact of these types of events, which can be particularly important for tracks located in areas prone to severe weather or other hazards.

Peace of mind

By having bike track insurance, track operators and event organisers can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected against potential financial losses and can focus on the operation and organisation of the track.

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How much does track insurance cost?

The cost of track insurance will vary depending on several factors, including the size and scope of your operation, the types of events you host, and the level of risk involved. Some key factors that will influence the cost of your track insurance policy include

  • Visitor and employee numbers: The number of visitors and employees that you have at your track will be one of the key factors that will determine the cost of your insurance. The more people present at your track, the higher the risk of an accident or injury occurring, which will increase the cost of your insurance.
  • The size of your operation: The larger your cycle track, the more coverage you will need, and the higher the cost of your insurance will be. For example, a large track with multiple circuits and many visitors will require more coverage than a smaller track with only one circuit and fewer visitors.
  • The level of risk: The level of risk involved in your operation will also be a key factor in determining the cost of your insurance. Tracks that are located in areas that are prone to hazards, thefts or vandalism will typically be more expensive to insure than tracks that are located in safer areas.
  • Your insurance history: Your insurance history also plays a role in determining the cost of your insurance. Insurance companies look at your past claims and accidents, if any, to gauge the level of risk you pose and will adjust the premium accordingly.

What kinds of tracks need insurance?

We can provide cover for off-road trails, velodromes, pump tracks, downhill courses, bike parks and more, whether you cater for road bikes, gravel, mountain bikes, BMX or a combination. We can also cover you if you provide cycle hire, coaching and uplift services as well as additional facilities like shops and cafes. We can also provide sports travel insurance.

Insurance for races & events

If you are holding bike races or cycling events we can assist you with a wide range of options even cover for things like extreme weather. We are happy to cover everything from kids’ events and sportives through to enduro and ultras.

Vehicle Insurance for Uplifts

If you provide an uplift or drop-off service normal motor insurance might not be adequate, talk to us about the specialist cover you may need.

Bike Hire and Rental Insurance

If you are renting or hiring our bikes, we can help cover your liabilities and equipment

Bike repairs & maintenance insurance

There can be some additional risks associated with cycle maintenance, talk to us about getting a quote.

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