Why your organisation needs extreme sports insurance

As an endurance race organiser, ensuring the safety of your participants and mitigating the risks involved in the event should be a top priority. Our tailored extreme sports insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage, safeguarding your organisation against various liabilities, from accidents involving participants to property damage or loss.

Whether you are hosting high-speed, high-risk activities like endurance races, obtaining the correct extreme sport insurance is crucial. It not only meets many legal prerequisites, but also satisfies landowners’ demands for proof of insurance for extreme sports before granting permission for sporting events. Therefore, safeguarding your organisation, the participants, and your assets with a comprehensive extreme sports insurance policy is more than a necessity; it’s a vital component of responsible sports business management.

Recognising that each endurance race and organisation possesses unique demands and characteristics, Mann Broadbent are here to guide to the right type of sports business insurance your event requires. Initially, in addition to extreme sports insurance we recommend considering public liability, products liability & employer’s liability (inclusive of volunteer coverage) as these generally offer a substantial layer of protection.

To enhance the security of your organisation further, you might also consider extending your extreme sports insurance coverage to include:

In the dynamic world of endurance races where unforeseen circumstances are rather the norm than the exception, having the right extreme sport insurance in place becomes pivotal.

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