Why do I need Extreme Sports Insurance?

If you are an event organiser, an instructor or a governing body, then Extreme Sports insurance can provide you with protection should a participant or member of the public be injured, or if property was to be damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Extreme Sports insurance covers many types of high speed and high risk sporting activities such as endurance races. You may even find that some insurances are a legal requirement, or that landowners will insist upon proof of insurance before they give any sporting access. As an individual you may want to protect your liability to others, the risk of injury to yourself and cover for your equipment.

As all extreme sports and organisations are different, you will need insurance tailored to your specific requirements – we can help you understand what insurance you do, and do not, need. At a basic level, we’d recommend public liability, products liability & employer’s liability (covering volunteers too) as these may be sufficient.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch