Why do OCR event organisers need Obstacle Race Insurance?

As the organiser of an obstacle course race, it is important to protect yourself against a number of various legal liabilities such as injuries to any participants or marshals.

Obstacle Course Race Insurance can also cover the cost of damage, loss or theft of any equipment, money or stock. In addition, many event organisers protect their income and expenses by insuring themselves against event cancellation due to extreme weather.


Why use Mann Broadbent for OCR Insurance?

Obstacle race insurance provides cover for all sorts of extreme events across the UK and beyond. We can provide event organisers with the peace of mind that, should the worst happen, they will be protected. Many of our staff are keen runners themselves so understand both the insurance requirement and the needs of the runner and event organiser, which means we can work with you to get the insurance you require at the right cost.

Mann Broadbent doesn’t offer online quotes because we prefer conversations. We also know that event organisers who can demonstrate a thorough approach to safety will benefit from cheaper premiums and that sort of detail isn’t always clear from a ‘tick box’ online form.

We would be happy to discuss your event in detail; we especially like to hear from OCR companies that take the planning and risk management of their event seriously.

Will my standard travel insurance cover me if I compete in an obstacle race while abroad?

Obstacle races are not common enough for some travel insurance policies to cover the risk, so you might need to purchase specialised ocr insurance that will protect you in case of any accidents.

Why should you get ocr insurance if events already have waivers?

Despite people signing waivers, they will still find a way to sue. 

Waivers also only protect the obstacle race organisers from being held liable in case of any accidents. They do not protect individual competitors, so it’s still a good idea to get insured.

If you would like a quote or advice on insurance for your OCR then call our team on 01905 612336 or