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FLOOD INSURANCE Robust shield against water-related property damage

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Why do I need flood insurance?

Traditionally, flood insurance for clubs and sports facilities has meant expensive premiums, very high excesses and a lot of paperwork and evidence to submit a claim – and that’s if you can get flood insurance.

It is time for a flood insurance revolution, and Mann Broadbent has the answer. We are one of only a handful of insurance brokers nationwide with access to a completely new type of flood insurance that removes the uncertainty and time usually associated with traditional flood insurance.

How? Through an innovative combination of technology and simplicity:

  • You select what depth of water would cause you, your club and/or your pitch problems
  • You select the amount of money you would get if the water reaches that depth
  • An electronic sensor is installed on the outside of your building (it looks a bit like a drainpipe)
  • If the water reaches the selected ‘trigger’ depth, the sensor transmits a message and payment is sent – no delays, no paperwork.
  • In addition to this, the payout does not come with conditions: you can use it for any purpose. For example, covering losses from business interruption, replacing damaged stock in the clubhouse, reseeding the pitch, or simply repairing costs.

Get a quote for your flood insurance

Flood insurance - man with umbrella

The premium can be tweaked by adjusting the ‘trigger’ depths and payment amount – and there can be 5 trigger depths, giving further payouts if the flood level rises.

In addition, unlike other insurance policies, there isn’t the issue of ‘dual insurance’ so this can be in addition to an existing flood insurance policy, perhaps even used to help with the large excess. Alternatively, this could replace the flood element of your club’s business insurance coverage and significantly reduce the overall premium.

We can help advise on how this insurance could help you and your club: call our team on 01905 612336 or contact us.

What insurance do I need to consider?

Every club, organisation, and race is unique, so no ‘one size fits all’ insurance plan or solution exists. Aside from flood insurance, there are some other recommended insurance options for your club, such as:

Public Liability

To cover the insured’s legal liability to compensate others for personal injury or damage to their property. Find out more

Personal Accident

Cover that pays a benefit in the event of an insured person’s death, injury or illness. Find out more

Cyber Insurance

Protect your systems, membership details and customer data against cyber threats and breaches. Find out more

Legal Expenses

Provides legal services and covers costs to defend or pursue certain legal actions. Find out more

Kit & equipment

A specialist kit and equipment insurance designed for the sports, dance and leisure industry. Find out more

Employers Liability

Cover should an employee suffer a work-related injury or disease, whether full time, part time or volunteer. Find out more

Event Cancellation

Compensate for any financial loss following cancellation, disruption, postponement or relocation. Find out more

Sports travel insurance

Cover for sports individuals including whilst competing with option to cover winter sports. Find out more

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