What is Amateur Sports Club Insurance?

Amateur sports club insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for various liabilities and risks that amateur sports clubs may face. Amateur sports insurance can help to protect the club, its members, volunteers, and participants from financial loss in case of accident, injury, or other unforeseen events that might occur during club activities or events.

Why does my association need Amateur Sports Insurance?

Specialist amateur sports insurance plays an essential role in protecting your association, club, or organisation’s assets, members, and reputation in the event of unforeseen circumstances like player injuries, public injuries, and property damage, loss, or destruction. Amateur sports club insurance can protect the club, its committee, and its members if they are faced with legal claims or prosecutions should any of these circumstances arise.

As all sports clubs, leagues, and associations are different, their needs will also be different and therefore need a policy that suits them. Therefore, bespoke amateur sport insurance is essential. Our experience means that we can help you understand your insurance needs and get the right amateur sport insurance for your organisation.

While a larger sports club may need the following cover:

At Mann Broadbent, we pride ourselves on offering amateur sports club insurance for sports clubs and organisations in need of cover. If you are looking for the right insurance poliy for you, then get in touch with us. We are eager to help you secure your organisation.

We can advise what insurance you do, and do not, need