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QUIDDITCH INSURANCE Magical coverage for fantasy-inspired sports

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Why do Quidditch Clubs need insurance?

Mann Broadbent is proud to be able to provide Quidditch Insurance for Muggle clubs, leagues, associations, events & individuals. We have partnered with the Quidditch Premier League for the 2018 season to give the specialist insurance insight and support this growing sport needs.

Jack Lennard, Director of the Quidditch Premier League, said: “This is a great partnership. Mann Broadbent really took the time to understand the sport, the needs we have as an organising body and saw the potential in our growth. I’m so excited to have them with us as we head into our 2018 season and look forward to a fantastic relationship.”

Insurance can protect a Quidditch Club if a claim is made against it for injuries to members of the public, players or officials. It can also cover you if your equipment is damaged or stolen or if you must cancel an event for reasons outside your control.

Basic Quidditch insurance cover for a small club will be surprisingly cheap. A further way to reduce cost is to group cover on one policy for multiple clubs within the same league or association.

Get a quote for your Quidditch insurance

Quidditch premier league

About the Quidditch Premier League

The Quidditch Premier League (QPL) is an elite league for the fast-growing sport of Quidditch, with each season operating through the summer months of each year. The QPL has regional divisions with teams competing against each other on a regular schedule, split between the Northern and Southern divisions, with a European division launching in 2019. Each fixture will comprise three matches, each playing the other three teams in the division. The Championship is held in a stadium at the end of the season, with the overall winning team crowned champions.

How does Quidditch work?

A Quidditch team consists of 21 athletes with 7 players per team on the field at any one time. Each player has a broom between their legs. The four maximum rules of Quidditch state that, at most, there can be four players of the same gender on the pitch at one time. This ensures that the game is mixed-gender and inclusive to all.

Players can be one of four positions:

  • Keepers – Guard the hoops against opposing chasers and become a 4th chaser on offence.
  • Chasers – Throw the quaffle through the opposite team’s hoops to score goals worth 10 points.
  • Beaters -Throw bludgers at the opposing team to ‘knock them out’ and make them return to hoops.
  • Seekers – Catch the snitch (worth 30 points) to end the game

A team of 7 will have 1 keeper, 3 chasers, 2 beaters and 1 seeker.
A game of quidditch involves three types of balls:

  1. The quaffle – a semi-deflated volleyball thrown through the hoops by chasers and keepers.
  2. The bludgers – dodgeballs thrown at other players by beaters. There are 3 bludgers on the pitch.
  3. The snitch – a sock with a tennis ball in it attached to the snitch runner’s shorts. When caught by either team’s seeker, the game ends.

What insurance do I need to consider?

Every club, organisation, and race is unique, so no ‘one size fits all’ insurance plan or solution exists. Aside from Quidditch insurance, there are some other recommended insurance options for your club, such as:

Public Liability

To cover the insured’s legal liability to compensate others for personal injury or damage to their property. Find out more

Personal Accident

Cover that pays a benefit in the event of an insured person’s death, injury or illness. Find out more

Cyber Insurance

Protect your systems, membership details and customer data against cyber threats and breaches. Find out more

Legal Expenses

Provides legal services and covers costs to defend or pursue certain legal actions. Find out more

Kit & equipment

A specialist kit and equipment insurance designed for the sports, dance and leisure industry. Find out more

Employers Liability

Cover should an employee suffer a work-related injury or disease, whether full time, part time or volunteer. Find out more

Event Cancellation

Compensate for any financial loss following cancellation, disruption, postponement or relocation. Find out more

Sports travel insurance

Cover for sports individuals including whilst competing with option to cover winter sports. Find out more

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