Why does a parkour or freerunning group need insurance?

Parkour insurance can provide protection should traceur or member of the public be injured, if property is damaged, destroyed or stolen and can even protect the club, its committee and its members if they are faced with legal claims or prosecutions. Many parkour clubs also find that they can’t use other people’s facilities unless they have evidence of cover.

The types of insurance needed by a Parkour or freerunning club will be determined by the club’s size, setup and facilities.  We can help you understand what insurance your club needs.

We can also help you with tours, travel, events, tournaments and most other insurance related enquiries.

If you are a coach within a club you will normally be coved by your club policy, but if you coach away from your club or as a business we can also help you with a specific coaching policy. For more information please see our dedicated page for coaches, or give us a call.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch