Why does my running club or race need insurance?

Running insurance can provide protection should a runner, member of the public or marshal be injured or if property is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Insurance can also protect your committee or directors. If you are organising a race then landowners may insist upon proof of insurance.

We offer a range of insurance options covering running, such as running race insurance and marathon insurance.

However, as no two clubs, organisations or races are the same there is no standard answer to the question of ‘what insurance do I need?’ Probably the easiest thing to do is phone us and discuss your needs. We can also help you with insurance for tours, travel, events, cancellation and most other insurance related enquiries.

If you are an independent running or athletics coach then an alternative might be a specific coaching policy – take a look at our page dedicated to coaches or give us a call for more detail.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch