Why does my club need running insurance?

At Mann Broadbent, we understand that the needs of every club, organisation, or race are unqiue, hence there is no standard answer to the question “what insurance do I need?” This is why we offer specialised insurance options, including running race insurance, marathon insurance, and sports travel insurance for tours and events.

Organising a race involves numerous potential risks and liabilities. There is a risk of participant injuries, accidents, or property damage during the event. Running insurance provides liability coverage, protecting race organisers from financial losses and legal claims resulting from such incidents. 

Running insurance can provide protection should a runner, member of the public or marshal be injured or if property is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Insurance can also protect your committee or directors. If you are organising a race then landowners may insist upon proof of insurance.

There are many benefits to running race insurance including: 

  • Liability Protection: Running events involve risks, including the potential for participant injuries, accidents, or property damage. Insurance provides liability coverage, safeguarding race organizers from potential lawsuits and claims arising from such incidents. Even if not legally mandated, liability coverage is essential to protect the organiser’s.
  • Participant Safety: Taking out running race insurance demonstrates a commitment to participant safety and can attract more participants who feel assured that their wellbeing is prioritised.
  • Event Cancellation or Postponement: Running events can be subject to unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather, natural disasters, or emergencies that may necessitate event cancellation or postponement. Insurance coverage for event cancellation or postponement helps protect organisers from financial losses due to non-refundable expenses, registration refunds, or rescheduling costs.
  • Property and Equipment Protection: Running events require various assets such as equipment, signage, timing systems, and other materials. Insurance coverage for loss, theft, or damage to these items ensures that organisers can replace or repair them without significant financial burden.
  • Sponsor and Vendor Requirements: Many sponsors and vendors may require race organisers to have insurance coverage as a condition of their participation or support. Having insurance in place allows organisers to meet these requirements and maintain positive relationships with sponsors and vendors.
  • Booking refund protection: Allows participants to purchase cover to protect their entry fee if they are unable to attend through something like injury, illness or other reason beyond their control, which also means the organiser does not have to pay the refund.

While the specific insurance needs may vary based on the scale and nature of the running event, it is essential to assess the risks involved and consult with insurance professionals to determine the appropriate coverage for the event. 

Having insurance provides a layer of protection and peace of mind to race organisers, participants, and stakeholders involved in running events. We offer a range of insurance options covering running, such as running race insurance and marathon insurance.

If you are an independent running or athletics coach then an alternative might be a specific coaching policy – take a look at our Insurance for Sports Coaches, Instructors & Trainers page or give us a call for more detail.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch