What is Bushcraft Insurance?

Bushcraft insurance covers instructors, clubs and organisations carrying out bushcraft, forest and survival skills. This could be for a range of incidents such as injuries or damage to people, property or equipment.

Bushcraft instructor insurance

Why do Bushcraft organisations and coaches need insurance?

Someone might get injured during one of your activities, your equipment might be stolen, you may be accused of doing something wrong, or you might be travelling abroad – there are all kinds of reasons why you might need bushcraft insurance. Also many landowners, local authorities and schools require a minimum level of insurance.

What kind of bushcraft insurance do I need?

This very much depends upon what you do and the scale of your organization. 

Public liability insurance for bushcraft

A good starting point would be Public Liability Insurance, which is designed to cover you if you injure someone or damage their property or someone you are responsible for is injured. 

Employers’ liability insurance for bushcraft

If you employ anyone or have volunteers you will also need Employers Liability Insurance. Instructors may consider the need for Professional Indemnity insurance or Indemnity for Instruction. 

Equipment insurance for bushcraft

If you have property or equipment you may want to insure that against theft or damage. You may also be interested in personal accident, private medical, cyber, travel and other types of insurance. 

For more advice on what you do and do not need please get in touch.

How much does Bushcraft insurance cost?

The cost will depend on the scale of your organisation, what activities you undertake and the amount of cover you require. If you would like a quote get in touch.

What activities can be insured?

Most bushcraft activities can be insured if they are undertaken responsibly. Insurance companies will want to know about your experience and risk management, they will be particularly interested in things like tree climbing, axe throwing, foraging, open water swimming and activities involving young or vulnerable people. If you want to discuss specific activities please get in touch.

How to get a bushcraft insurance quote?

You can give us a call on 01905 612336 or email us here. Mann Broadbent have been insuring the leisure sector for over 60 years and insure bushcraft coaches and organisations across the UK.