Why does my biathlon club or team need insurance?

Insurance is designed to protect against claims for injury, damage, theft and a range of liability and property risks. Insurance can often be a requirement when renting facilities or organising an event.

When considering what insurance you need, first we need to clarify what sports you are participating in: the term Biathlon has been adopted by a range of sporting disciplines.That will give us, and the insurer, a better idea of the risks involved and what type of insurance will help to mitigate those. There are some generally recommended covers, though, listed here.

If you are organising a biathlon event you may also need to consider event cancellation insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

If you are a Biathlon coach, then take a look at our page dedicated to coaches and instructors – or just give us a call.

While all clubs, coaches, events & organisations have different requirements, most would probably require some or all of the following insurance:

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch