Why does a golf club or coach need insurance?

Golf Club insurance can provide protection should a player, employee or member of the public be injured or if property is damaged, destroyed or stolen. There are also less well known types of insurance that we can advise you on, some of which are specific to golf.

However, as no two clubs are the same their requirements will be different. A club affiliated to a governing body may automatically have some covers but depending upon your club’s requirements you may also want to consider more comprehensive cover.  Insurance costs can vary considerably – a small club or part time coach can expect to pay just a small premium whilst a club with extensive facilities and stock will be a far larger risk. We can also help you with tours, travel, events, motor, contractual bonus, hole in one, cancellation and most other insurance related enquiries.

If you are an independent Golf Professional or coach then an alternative might be a specific coaching policy – take a look at our page dedicated to coaches, or give us a call to discuss.

We have been specialists in sports insurance for over 50 years and insure thousands of individuals, clubs and events all over the UK. We understand the peculiarities of golf clubs and can talk to you in a language you understand.

If you would like help understanding your insurance needs, just get in touch